Liberty North Schools

Looking for help: Alexis Ortiz

Where to go?

Go to the Liberty North Offices and go to the front desk to ask to see a counselor they can set up an appointment to get some help from another facility. You can turn yourself in or have a parent call to get some help. The counselors will be happy to help!

What does Liberty North have to Offer?

Assist students with academic, social and emotional concerns. They love helping students and want all students to be successful.

Liberty North Counselors will be glad to help

At Liberty North High School, the counselors will be happy to help out with any time of situations, either by getting you help from another facility or getting help from the counselor. Liberty North is a great school, the counselors love talking to kids about situations rather than them waiting before it get's worse.

Services Offered

Mrs. Sullivan can set up appointments for places like tri-county mental health and Sea-Star.
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