DJCC Counselor Weekly Updates

Winning Students for Winning Careers

This Week's Events: November 16 - 20

  • Monday - UNT G-Force students will be on campus
  • Student Ambassador Meeting 9:00/1:00
  • Tuesday - Tour Day - Huffines (Wear blue shirts)
  • Wednesday - Professional Dress Day!
  • Thursday - No Events (I will not be on campus)
  • Friday - No Events

  • Planning Ahead:
  • November 23 - 27 Thanksgiving Break

Quote of the Week:

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

William Arthur Ward

Letter to Dr. Handzel


I wanted to send you an update of where I am four years after taking your clinicals class! Your class definitely did an incredible job preparing me for where I am now and where I am heading and I couldn't be more thankful. My Junior year of High School I talked with you about becoming a Physician's Assistant, I pursued this until I slightly changed my path spring semester of my freshman year at OU. I switched from being a health and exercise science major, Pre-PA to being a Pre-Nursing major. Sophomore year at OU I excelled greatly in both Human Anatomy, which was one of the toughest courses I've ever taken, as well as Physiology and Microbiology. I was one of ten students out of approximately 200 to receive an A in my Human Anatomy course and followed this by serving as a TA for Human Anatomy my spring semester. Your course helped me tremendously with this as I was able to have the basics understood initially, and build upon those throughout the year. I was accepted into The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center-College of Nursing this past spring and currently am a nursing student there about to finish up my first semester of four until I graduate with my BSN. I will then will take the NCLEX to receive my board certification. I plan to pursue my Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) in the field of pediatrics as well. I wanted to give you this update because I have many younger friends who are pursing medicine as well and ask me for advice on which courses I recommend taking in High School, and yours is the first I mention. Entering nursing school and already having an understanding of various principles that guide health care, has helped me in excel in various ways. Within the classroom I feel comfortable with basic medical terms and language that help me have meaningful conversations and contribute to discussion boards with purpose. Within the clinical setting I am more comfortable in the hospital environment and understand basic protocol and the legality behind treating patients and communicating with them and their families. Outside the classroom and clinical setting I have more confidence in myself and my knowledge and was able to pursue leadership positions such as one I currently hold as The Student Government Association Senator for The College of Nursing.

I hope you and Avery are doing well and I want to thank you again for all of your guidance and teachings that have helped me to where I am today. If you ever need someone to come talk to any of your current student I would be happy to share some inspiration. Thank you!

Brittany Niederstadt

OU Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society Service Chair

OUHSC SGA Senator-College of Nursing

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center-OKC

College of Nursing

Class of 2017