Tuesday Tech Tidbit--1/13/15

A quick look at great technology to make your life easier

Using Copyright-Free Images

It is very important to teach students about copyright and the internet. Students (and teachers) are in the bad habit of searching for images on Google and then copy and pasting the pictures into their document without any regard for copyright.

Just because an image is on the internet, does not mean you can use it however you would like to use it. Here are some websites that offer copyright-free images. Please direct your students to these sites when needing images. Links to all of these are found on the NMS Library website.

Here's a quick refresher on why we shouldn't use images that have copyright

Great royalty free image websites

Copyright Lesson Ideas

Teach students about the importance of copyright. Here are some links to resources you can use.

U.S. Copyright Basics

There will not be a Tuesday Tech Tidbit next week, January 20. I'll see you on January 27!

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