Events that led up to the Civil war

By:Ali Mithani

The compromise of 1850

The compromise stated that the south could have slaves but ended slave trade in Washington.Since Tex's wanted more land they tried to claim New Mexico but the U.S. gave Texas 10 million to give up on their claim to New Mexico,Ironically that money was used to pay off most of the debt.

The fugitive slave law of 1850

Since the south had slaves and the north did not if the slaves escaped from the south and were captured in the north they would have to be sent back to the south.It is thought the south didn't believe in state rights they only believed in slavery and nothing else.One of the big problems were some people that were freeborn were being sent back to the south.This law was considered a big deal by the abolitionist movement.

The Dred Scott decision of 1857

Dred Scott was a slave from Missouri and was born into Peter Blow then was sold to John Emerson.Later Dred sued the Emerson's because he wanted freedom.Dred was one of the very few who fought very hard for his freedom.One of Scott's quotes were "once free always free".

The Kansas Nebraska act

The Kansas Nebraska helped with the problem of slavery in new territories so this act allowed these states to be anti-slavery or proslavery when coming into the united states.Because of this act people were funding money against anti-slavery.In 1861 Kansas joined as a free state in the union and because they felt so strongly 20,000 soldiers from Kansas went to war.

John Brown's raid of 1859

John Brown grew up in an anti-slavery family and had many different beliefs about slavery.Brown and his soldiers attacked the pro-slavery lands near them to show their feeling about slavery.THe lands Brown attacked were near Virginia and had many battles.At harpers ferry 1859 John Brown and his 21 soldiers attacked Harpers Ferry,Virginia and raided the government armory;Later Brown and his soldiers were either captured or dead and John Brown was Hanged after the raid.