Family-blessing or curse

Freak the Mighty theme poster

Title of Book

How it relates to the theme is that his dad is a bad guy so everyone thinks that Max is just like his father but he is like the opposite of that. So in the book when Max comes over to Freaks house Gwen A.K.A. Freaks mom said that he looks like his father and when he grows up he'll become more and more like his father.Max is Mighty but he is also a pacifist and avoids fighting. Doesn't want want to be mean to people like his dad. Even Maxs grandparents are a little afraid of him at the beginning.

Conflict-man vs. self

Max has a bad self of steam. he says "Well I was a butthead, because like I said, I never had a brain until Freak moved down the street." Killer Cane is a curse to Max. He is always afraid that he will turn out like his dad. Mom was a blessing but the dad took her away.

Character remarks

Kevin and Gwen have a good relationship. Max doesn't have a good relationship because he doesn't live with his parent he lives with his grandparents. Kevin and Gwen care about each other and watch out for each other. Max doesn't really care about his Grandparents and gets annoyed by them cause of what they say about his dad.


Max is different from Max cause Max is really tall Kevin is short and can not walk. Kevin is really smart and Max is alittle bit below average. Kevin acts like a kid and Max acts like an adult cause has no parents to rely on. Max has a pretty big and Kevin doesnt have one cause he knows how to deal with people that push him around.