Saving the Strawberries

What you can do to help

Green House Gases and the Many Problems They Cause

As you know green house gases can cause global warming, but did you ever think of some of the many farms that can be affected. One of these farms are strawberry farms ,which we all know produce strawberries. If the green houses gases continue global arming can wipe out strawberries from existence. Many of you are thinking "What could possibly go wrong?" Well I will show why it is bad that strawberries my no longer exist.

Why It Matters?

Many of think that some there are better fruits like apples,oranges,bananas.etc. Well there is something that strawberries have that these fruits don't. Strawberries can actually be used to whited teeth. First you have squeeze the strawberries into a cup. Next get a toothbrush and add the strawberry juice onto your toothbrush. Finally, you want to brush for 5 minutes ,and after you are done floss out any seeds.

What I can do to help?

I may not be the President of the United States ,but there is still something that I can do to help. What I can do is I can create a petition to use less greenhouses. I know this isn't something thing Major that will work on the first try and use less greenhouses. However, if I get enough people to sign, more and more people won't use as many greenhouses.