All about me

Jamie Stivers

Information about me

- I have one sister who is 20 years old

- I have three (yes, three!) dogs

- I have been playing volleyball since fourth grade, and I played soccer throughout elementary school

- Currently I am a varsity volleyball player at the high school

- I enjoy CHS because of the friendships I have made throughout my 12 years of school here.

Some of my favorite things

- My favorite colors are purple and blue

- My favorite food is fruit and granola

- My favorite candy is Milk Duds / White Chocolate

- My favorite animal is a giraffe

- I love all types of music

- I love to draw, doodle, and paint


I was in Mrs.Carlton's Kindergarten class when I was five years old and I was in Mrs.Taylor's class when I was six.

Now I am 17 years old and will be going to college next year!