The Other Boleyn Girl

By: Philippa Gregory

Two sisters competing for the greatest prize; the love of a king.

Early Life

In 1520s, both Boleyn girls,Mary and Anne, lived a quiet and peaceful life at their family estate with their parents and brother, George. Their uncle ,Stafford, who was high in the king's court sought to become more powerful in the court made a deal with King Henry. The Boleyn family was ordered to court and the Boleyn girls were to compete to become the king's mistress.

The king's favor

Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England, was unable to produce a male heir. King Henry thought of this as treason. After Catherine was unable to bare children, King Henry began to search for a mistress. He first took interest in Mary, the younger sister to Anne. Henry quickly took Mary as his mistress, which made Anne jealous. Anne, feeling left out, married and consumated a marriage to Henry Percey without permission and was exiled to France. After many months Anne returned to England. As time went by Mary became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. After the birth Mary's son the king became interested in the older sister, Anne. As King Henry grew more fond of Anne he, at Anne's request, banished Mary from court.

King Henry's fall from Caltholicism

Anne required, that before she would give herself to the king, he annul his marriage to Catherine. This desire to marry Anne drove King Henry to break from the Catholic Church so he could legally marry her. Prior to marring Anne Henry was informed on Anne's first wedding. Having consummating the marriage to Henry Percey, Anne could not rule as queen. Mary was brought back to England to confirm or put to rest the information. Mary lied and said it was not true even though she new it was. After the lie Mary told, her and Anne's relationship was like it was before they came to court. Soon after Henry and Anne married. Later Anne had a daughter. Anne And Henry tried for a son and she became pregnant. After awaking from a nightmare, Anne found she had lost he child. Anne fearing treason charges, beg her brother, George, to help he regain her pregnancy and keep her secret from King Henry. George refused to assist his sister but his wife overhead their conversation and soon reported it to the king.

The fall of the Boleyn family

Anne and Gorge were charged with treason and sentenced to death. Mary being away from the castle, raising her son, rushed back to the castle to plead with the king to spare her sister Anne, knowing she had been to late to save her brother. The king still having feelings for Mary told her she was risking her life and she needed to leave court. After witnessing her sister's beheading, Mary took Anne's child and returned to the country were married and raised her son and Anne's daughter, Elizabeth. King Henry went on to court and married Jane Seymore. He never spoke of the Boleyn family of his children again.