Atomic #14

Atomic mass 28.086

# of protons 14

#of neutrons 14

#of electrons 14

Melting point 1410.0

Boiling point 2355.0


Normal phase


Cost: $50 per pound


My element belongs to the Carbon Family

The origin of silicon: The Latin word Silex (flint

Discovered by Jons Berzelius in 1823

Interesting info

1. Second most abundant element.

2. Silicones are used in a number of consumer products, from cosmetics to caul kings.

3. Silicon is a semiconductor.

4. Silicon does not exhibit metallic properties.

5. The silicon chain is held together by bonding with the oxygen atoms.

6. Silicones have good electric insulating properties and is water- repellant.


  1. Look up , Look down, Silicon is all around.