Fallen Angels

Walter Dean Myers

Richie Perry

Protagonist. 17 year old African American kid who graduated High School in Harlem. He joins the army rather than face the slums. He assumes that the Vietnam War will end before he even gets a chance to fire a gun, but he was wrong. He tries to understand the differences between war and heroism, and good vs evil.


Most of the book is located in Vietnam and the horrors of war that Richie must deal with during his time in the Army.


Perry thought it would be simple in the army. Doing what you're told, just as he'd always done. He'd get 3 meals a day, with pay. "What could be better," he thought. He couldn't have been more wrong...


Richie must survive his time in Vietnam while his medical information is processed. Unfortunately for him, it takes far longer than he thought, and lost many friends to the War.


Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers shows the conviction of the common soldier during harsh times that only a few have had to endure.
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