The Christmas in No Man's Land

The Christmas in No Man's Land will be great. There will be many fun activities including soccer games and bonfires. It will be a great chance to bury dead bodies and have funeral services. We will have beer and other drinks. We can all sing Christmas carols and just talk. At the end we will trade gifts and food to have the greatest Christmas of all time.

The Christmas in No Man's Land

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd 1914 at 9am to Saturday, Dec. 26th 1914 at 12am

No Man's Land


9-12 meet and exchange gifts

12-3 soccer games

3-5 burial cerimonies

5-8 eat and trade for food

8-12 bonfire and talk

Peace Time Planing

If you want to enjoy a time of peace with your friends, families, and sometimes even enemies you should contact us. We can plan the events and help you decorate. Just remember when you call us, we guarantee peace.