Hiltler's Secret

William Osborn


It's about a young innocent couple and the woman's family. Then all of the sudden a war breaks out and they end up being in the middle of it. Then they are captured by troops and soldiers and separated from their families. But they escape and come across a nun that's also a prisoner there too, should they help her reach safety or leave her to be executed? Read the book to find out more...


I believe the theme of the book is, to never give up. First, Otto and Leni never gave up on trying to survive because they tried to find ways out of the prison. Secondly, they told each other to never give up and that it will always get better and the war will go away eventually. Finally, because if they wanted to live they had to fight and run away and to never lose hope. As you can see, I chose "to never give up" for my theme because Otto, Leni, and their family didn't give up and will never give up.

Compare and Contrast

The author used real events but from fictional characters points of views of the events that took place during the war time period. The author used concentration camps, wars, soldiers, Adolf Hitler, and soldiers prisoning people during the war. But the author didn't describe the events with blood, gore, etc. And there were a couple of fictional events also. But they were told from fictional characters views and what happened to them as well as what happened to other people. In conclusion, I believe there are a lot of real events as well as fictional ones.