5C Newsletter

Springing Forward

With round one of the PARCC test in our rearview mirror, we're springing forward in all of our core subjects.

Reading/Social Studies

We're applying our comprehension strategies (this week, sequencing events in a story) to Number the Stars, Lois Lowry's award-winning book. The children have been excited about the Holocaust unit and watching the Number the Stars play next Wednesday.

Writer's Workshop

We recently wrapped up a poignant Memoir unit that I'm excited to share with you at Open House in April. Below is a panoramic picture of our memoir sharing time. We started a Poetry Unit recently that will also be on display at Open House.
Big image


We started a new unit on coordinates, volume, and area. After a fractions review, we will move into pre-algebra concepts after spring break.


We're concluding our Mixtures and Solutions unit, where we learned about reactants, saturation, concentration, and solvents. Next, we will zoom in on microorganisms in our Micro-worlds unit.

Post-Spring Break

Please note that the second round of PARCC testing will be the week of April 27. The kids did great last week and showed incredible tenacity and perseverance. I'm very proud of how they handled a challenging week of testing.