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Foreign: Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev

About Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev

He was born in the Siberian town of Novokuznetsk on March 1st, 1969. He was raised in an abusive home, with a violent father who tortured the whole family. Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev is a Russian man who was accused of killing up to 80 people and cannibalising some of his victims. He was ruled insane by a court and committed to a psychiatric hospital.

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Alexander killed up to 19-82+ victims. He confessed only to 19 murders and boasted with crimes, that couldn't be proven.

His mother and him

His mother, Ludmila, seduced some of the victims into their apartment. She would dispose of the remains by throwing them into a river late at night. With the help of his mother he also cooked and ate his victims. Spesivtsev kept a diary detailing some of his crimes and did not deny his actions when captured. In his house was found 82 complects of bloody clothes, near 40 jewelry items and some photos of unknown people, who possibly were his unproved victims.

His first killings

As an adult, he murdered and tortured his girlfriend and was committed to a psychiatric institution, from which he was later released.

Spesivtsev's mother had seduced three girls into their home, he raped and beat them. He killed one of the girls, and forced the other two to cut her into pieces in the bathtub. The mother cooked her body parts for dinner. The second girl was killed by the Dobermann. Spesivtsev escaped over the balcony when he heard someone opening the door. He was later captured while attempting to rape a woman in her own apartment.

The police found a diary which detailed the murders of nineteen girls. Spesivtsev is generally suspected of having been responsible for over a dozen other deaths.

Spesivtsev was declared guilty in all 19 cases and sentenced to death; Ludmilla Spesivtseva, his mother denied any involvement, but was convicted as an accomplice and sentenced to life in prison.
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Work History

He was an unemployed black marketeer and former mental patient, he lured his homeless victims from the streets and local train stations in the Siberian town of Novokuznetsk to his home.

During the investigation one of Alex’s neighbors complained to police of the deathly stench and deafening music coming from his apartment. No one ever came to investigate even though in 1991 a teenage girl was found dead in his place. A year later, when police finally entered his home they found 15-year-old Olga Galtseva dying on the couch with multiple stab wounds to her stomach. In the bathroom they found a headless corpse and in the living room there was a rib cage.

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How he got caught

In 1996, a pipe breakage forced the neighbors to call a plumber; the problem happened to be in the Spesivtsev apartment. The plumber had to open the door by force, since no one was answering the knock.

When the police entered his his home they saw blood covering the walls. In the kitchen there were bowls with pieces of human bodies. In the bathtub they found a mutilated, headless body. Olga Galtseva was found, also mutilated but still alive, on the sofa. She was taken to a hospital, where she was able to tell the public prosecutor about what had happened. She died seventeen hours later. Spesivtsev escaped over the balcony when he heard someone opening the door. He was later captured while attempting to rape a woman in her own apartment.