It's enrollment time!

Colonial Life would like to come out and see you soon!

It's been far too long!

We've looked at our records, and we realized that it's been a while since we've seen you! A lot has changed, especially with healthcare reform changes and ERISA compliance issues. We have more solutions than ever before for businesses to help maintain compliance with all of these regulations and changes. And as always, many are available at no cost! We would like to schedule some time to meet to go over some of our new product offerings and no-cost services. At the very least, we would like to schedule some time to see your employees, since there is a good chance we owe them some money for their wellness exams.

We can schedule one of two types of meetings, just write me back and let me know what you prefer:
  1. A brief meeting (30 minutes on average) to go over some of what has changed with us and with your business, and review how we can help before we schedule an enrollment date.
  2. If you are comfortable with our solutions, we can go right ahead and schedule your enrollment with our team. Write or call me back and let me know if anything has changed (providers, employee count, etc.) as well as some insight into what products we should make available. Then we can coordinate a mutually convenient time for meeting with your staff.

Here's some of what's new with us:

Ask us if Medical Bridge can help you!

Our medical bridge solution has helped thousands of businesses save money on health care costs. We understand that reducing costs is important, and that double digit increases on your health care can make maintaining coverage an issue. Our medical bridge may be the perfect solution, because it allows you to address the rising costs in a creative way while still keeping your employees protected. When we meet, we will be happy to describe how this solution works in more detail. See the picture below for a brief overview of the concept in action.
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