Sophia Kelly


Table Of Contents

Introduction Chapter 1 How to Treat Your Friend Chapter 2 Talking Chapter 3 Friends Are About to Happen Chapter 4 Friendship Fights About the Author


This book is on friendship! It is a great topic. Do you have great friends? If you do not I can teach you how to make them. So I hope you in joy the book and make some new great friends! I think this book will help to make new best friends!

How To Treat Your Friend

You should definitely treat your friends how you want to be treated. Witch includes being very nice to them even if they are mean to you. Because kindness matters. Also you should not be rude to them because the example may encourage them to be rude back. If you treat them nice they will treat you nice back.


This chapter is on talking. It is about what not to say them and how to express your feelings to them. Talking to your friend is pretty important because you should really start a conversation with them. Here are some things you could talk about, what to do at recces[ if you are at school that is], what you like to do, what they like to do, having play dates, sleepovers, your favorite thing and finally there favorite thing.Talking is a great way to bond with your friend!

Friends are About to Happen

To find the perfect friend and start the perfect friendship you need to find a person you like and they are nice to you.Here are some things your friend should be like, they do not bully you, they are nice to others not just you, they want to be your friend not just you wanting to be their friend and your nice to them.Here is an example of what you could say to them,''hi my name is [ what ever your name is] what is your name?'' This is a great way to start a friendship!

Friendship Fights

If you ever have a fight with your friend this first part of my chapter will teach you how to break up a fight. The second part is how to prevent a fight from happening. The last part of my chapter is on how to walk away from a fight. Trust me these things can be pretty useful when something like this happens. Friendship Fights Are Very Bad!

About the Author

My name is Sophia Marie Kelly and I like bugs, art, science and baking. When I get older I want to start a bakery with my best friend. I also like to paint and I am going to paint the pictures for the bakery. Plus I'm going to do the menu. I am also going to be the waitress. I am 8 years old, I go to Fisk School.