High School Chemistry

Learning Targets and Essential Question

Essential Question:

How can one explain the structure, properties, and interactions of matter?

Learning Targets:

  • I CAN compare and contrast chemical and physical properties.
  • I CAN distinguish between chemical and physical changes.

Build Your Knowledge

View the animation linked here to review how matter can be classified before learning more about chemical and physical properties and changes.

Draw a model of the arrangment of molecules of a solid, liquid, and gas in your science journal. Provide captions for each drawings that describes the properties of each.

Explore and Explain

Chemical properties differ from physical properties. To determine chemical properties of a substance, the substance must be altered in some way.

View the video and exploration on physical and chemical changes.

Construct an explanation in your science journal that supports the claim: properties of matter changes when a chemical change takes place. Your explanation must include:

- an example and a description of a physical change

- an example and a description of a chemical change

- an illustration or drawing that shows how the properties of the substance changed


1. View the video and observe the investigation conducted.

2. Collaborate with a partner to plan an investigation that can be used by other classmates and provides evidence that a material or substance has under gone a physical and chemical change. Your investigation must include the materials needed to conduct the investigation and the expected outcome.