5th Grade Newsletter

Begin With the End in Mind & Put First Things First

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OUR WIGs - Wildly Important Goals!!

  • Perfect Attendance for each homeroom (by class and student) from now until the end of the year.
  • Accelerated Math - 5,000 objectives collectively in 5th grade by the End of the Year
  • Accelerated Math - First grade level (4th, 5th, or 6th) to 1,000 objectives gets a party!
  • Weekly Conduct - Our goal is 90% of 5th grade students will have a weekly conduct score of S.

Mrs. Cook - Language Arts & Social Studies

-We are continuing to look at mood, tone, and beauty in things we read/watch. We will also be looking for those aspects in poetry as well as talking about ways to analyze poetry.

-We've moved on from the Revolutionary War so our next Social Studies topics will be the Constitution, branches of government, and Westward Expansion.

*Don't forget to read EVERY night!

*We have WTW this week. (If your child is in the "MDR" group they have a different assignment this week for their contract.)

Scholastic Book Order: Your student may bring home Scholastic Orders from time to time. If you would like to purchase, the easiest way is by going online to: www.scholastic.com/bookclubs and using our class code: MCQ9Z

If online ordering doesn't suit you, you may choose to send a check (made payable to Scholastic). This helps us to earn FREE books for our classroom! :) I will submit the orders at the end of each month. Our next order will be submitted at the end of March.

Ms. Price - Math

  • Determine whether to solve a word problem using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, and then carry out the operation.
  • Interpreting and making line plots to display data using operations on fractions.
  • Use parentheses, brackets, braces in expressions. Write simple expressions.
  • Example: add 8 and 7 then multiply 2
  • 2 x (8+7)

Accelerated math is homework every night!

Mrs. Young - Science

Science: We will continue our unit on weather. Students completed the lesson on how the water cycle works and the role the Sun plays in the water cycle. This week we will focus how the water cycle affects weather.

Info for Parents & Students

  • Please be sure to sign your child's planner each night in PEN with your FULL name (no initials). Students need to be proactive by bringing their planner to you with all of their homework listed.
  • Each Friday there will be a conduct grade written into your child's planner. This conduct grade takes into consideration behavior, talking, work ethic (classwork & homework), and how well the 7 Habits have been followed each week.

March Madness Dance

Friday, March 18th, 6-8:30pm

Blackburn Elementary School, Newton, NC, United States

Newton, NC

No School - Teacher Workday

Friday, March 25th, 7:30am

Spring Break!

Monday, March 28th, 7:30am to Friday, April 1st, 2:30pm

Report Cards

Tuesday, April 5th, 2:30pm