BCES Leadership Goes Beyond

A school leadership team shapes shapes the culture.

Here is why we shine...

BCES administration team constantly reminds the staff of their value and the preciousness of their planning time. Every leadership team has a vision they would like to see being successful in a school.This administration team has personalized the vision to each and every staff member, allowing each teacher to have a voice in the design and implementation of professional learning without ever losing sight of the most important thing: student success.

Every leadership team meeting begins with discussing instructional updates and changes based on data analysis. The school does not allow parent meetings anytime before 1:30 pm. and grade levels are required to have at least one planning a week dedicated to instructional planning and are given one day a quarter with paid subs to ‘power plan’ upcoming units and assessments with team members. Administrators are present in meetings and in classrooms with frequent observations and drop-ins. Administrators will ask students about learning during instructional time that is affected by PLC learning. School leaders always provide timely feedback to grade level and PLC meeting minutes; there are even instances where action points are noted for the next meeting by leaders. BCES has a wealth of instructional and leadership teams with a variety of staff members who have an opportunity to take part. Teams are often re-evaluated at the end of the year and new members are invited to take part. This encourages all staff members to be an active voice in reaching a common vision. The administration team always celebrates accomplishments of teachers and students on the morning news and at staff meetings, encouraging the staff to keep up the good work. What a great place to feel like you are a part of a family that is working to achieve a common goal: Student achievement. You will never find a place with a bigger heart than Big Creek.