polar bear

Sandiego zoo

We went to a pertained trip to the sandiego zoo and watch the animals in a live cam.We did not go there for real because it wold take 32 hores.I hade favorit animal was polar bear.
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1. People say polar bears can snif out bad art!

2. Polar bears hunt in water and ice that is were they find there seal.

3. polar bears like playing with toys.

4. Mama bears have small cubes

5. When polar bears are thin they have less energy.

6. Polar bears like fighting.

7. Polar bears sleep a lot.

8. Polar bears realy like snow.

9. Polar bears play a lot.

10. The names of the polar bears are shana koa and tokek.

11. Polar bears are merin mamils they spend a lot over time in the water.

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