By: Kaitlyn Kime 6-2

Theme: Couage

  • Here are how the characters showed courage. Sounder had the courage to go off and heal with the the oak tree leaves and manage to come back missing his right eye, broke his left leg and has a lot of scabs. The mother showed courage by taking care of the children after the father went to jail. The father showed courage by cooperating when he went to jail and had the courage to steal to feed his family. The boy had the courage to not throw the piece of iron back at guard when the guard threw the piece of iron at him.


  • Here is a short summary of the article. December 5th 1955. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white man. This broke the strict fight of colored and white people on the Montgomery buses. The bus company refused to back down so Martin Luther King helped to organised a strike where colored people refused to use any of the city buses. The boycott lasted for several months, the issue was then brought to to the Supreme Court. Here is some reasons that Martin Luther King Jr. Helped other people. He Helped the black people get civil rights So they could do stuff they wanted to do like go to more restaurants. He helped them get their share of the world. He stood up for Rosa Parks because she did the right thing by not giving up her seat.


  • I did My video of a dog named Johnny running away. Here is a short summary. The guy is chopping wood. Then he goes and chopped some grass and relies that the little dog is gone.He goes and he looks for him. He could not find him. So he went home to find the dog laying on the porch. I did some reasons to support why this video relates to Sounder and the master. Sounder left because he got shot by a deputy .The boy went to go and look for him and didn't end up finding him.One day he showed up but evidently the dog ended up dying because he was in so much pain.

Anticipation Guide

  • For the Anticipation guide I chose "Every person has a right to food, shelter, and safety." I Agree because if no one had shelter they could cold or sick from all the weather. If no one had food they will starve, or if they didn't have safety they could get hurt from animals or lighting and other things.

A Father, Daughter, and Dog

  • For the A Father, Daughter, and Dog Article I compared and contrasted. for comparing I have, both fathers died and both dogs died by their master and was barred by their master. For contrasting I have, Cheyenne’s master died in bed and Sounder’s master died inside the cabin but, not in bed. Cheyenne’s master got a dog because he was stressed out and Sounder Was founded for a really good hunting Hunting dog.