Bullying and Harassment

How to protect your self and remain a good digital citizen.

What is a Digital Footprint and why is it Important to have a good one?

A digital footprint is your reputation online and you should to be careful about what you post online. You shouldn't hate on people or post inappropriate photo’s of your self. Some things you do online may even be illegal and you may not know it. When you’re older do you think your employer will want to hire you if you have a bad digital footprint? I don’t think so either so my advice to you is to keep a good one.

How to protect your self online.

There are many different ways to protect your identity online, and I will try to provide you with all my knowledge. One way is only using your first name on instagram or on twitter. It is always a good idea to set your privacy settings so only you and your friends can see your posts and pictures. NEVER GIVE A STRANGER YOUR NAME!! If you give a stranger your name online they can easily track you down and harm you or your family. When you come across someone on facebook that you don’t trust you should both tell an adult and block them, reporting them isn’t a bad idea either.

Pros of Technology

  1. Educational Advantages
  2. Having Fun
  3. Researching
  4. Socializing
  5. Availability to knowledge
  6. Online Shoping

Cons of Technology

  1. Inappropriate Pictures
  2. Cyber Bullying
  3. Phishing
  4. Money Scams
  5. Hackers
  6. Cyber Stalkers