Math that includes pictures and stories.

Join the best science class in the school.

Physics is a class in which numbers are not random like math class. Physics doesn't involved the new math curriculum. Physics is about real life scenarios. During Physics examples like a flying plane, a falling ball, and explosions will be examined and analyzed with science. Many fun experiments are done to test the laws of physics. These experiments involve an egg drop, ping pong balls that can break three cans, racing cars, and many more. Cool tools are used to measure the laws of physics. Then you get to analyze it with science.

Who are the physic teachers.


1. Scientific Method and Average Velocity

2. Acceleration and Newton's Law

3. Vectors and Projectile Motion

4. Energy and Power

5. Fluids and Heat

6. Waves and Sounds

7. Optics

8. Electricity

9. E/M and Nuclear Physics

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Extremely Simple Ping Pong Ball Cannon (Mythbusters)
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