South America

Capital; Caracas

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Major Cities;


Venezuela was once controlled by Spain.

Venezuela declared independence in July 5, 1811 and has been independent since then.

Official Language;


Venezuelan Flag;

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The Venezuelan flag is yellow, blue and red.

In the middle, there is a semicircle of stars.

Geographical information;

Where is Venezuala?

Venezuala is on the northern coast of South America.

The country borders Guyuna to the East, Brazil to the South, and Colombia to the West.

Physical Features

Political Information;


Federal Republic


Nicolás Maduro

Economic information;


Venezuelan Bolívar

economic system


Tourist Information;

Why should you visit Venezuela?

Venezuela is called "Land of Grace" and I'm pretty sure you want to know why so go visit the country today.

There are so many options available for travelers, you're sure to find something satisfying.

Wether it's the beaches or the mountains, you'll be sure to have a smile on your face.

what should you see and do?

When you stop by in Venezuela make sure you get to view......