The Battle of World War I (WW1)

BY: Aidan Pruett


You all know that ww1 was overwhelming. Well you don’t know the inside scoop. It had over 38 million deaths. That’s not all, it was all over small and large communities. One that you might know is England. Now you will learn about Before, What happened, the impact, and about the sides.

The Beginning (the beginning before the beginning)

Austria-Hungary the starters of all the ruckus started teaming up with Germany to raid Serbia in 1914 July 28. 3 Days later Germany declares war on Russia. 2 days later Germany declares war on France as part of the Schlieffen Plan. The previous day Germany invaded Belgium and France declares War on Germany.

What Transpired During the War?


Germany is attacking yet again. The Germans were a big part of the 1914 year in the war. The Americans weren’t a part of it in 1914. I wish they were there earlier. They could have made a difference. Still the German army marches forward.


Germany is now hitting allied merchant ships with Sumerians, but around Britain. Imagine all the civilians that could get hurt. 1 month and 21 days later the allies try to fight back and start the battle of Gallipoli against the Ottoman Empire. This war lasted for a little over 8 months. With the victors being the Ottoman Empire by the allies retreating! Now a luxury ship from Europe being attacked on May 7th. Sunken by German submarines, 1,195 civilians. Killed! Bulgaria said, “That’s enough!” and joins the war.


The battle of Verdun against Germany and France begins. The French winning means one part of the German army is defeated. Now on May 31st the largest naval battle starts. Fought in the North Sea. The battle of Jutland is underway. With the British at one side and Germany at the other. It was an equal fight. The battle of Somme begins on July 1st. Over 1,000,000 soldiers wounded or dead.


The British intercept the message from Germany to convince Mexico to join the war. Now the U.S. is joining the war. On March 8th the Russian Revolution begins. On March 15th Tsar Nicolas the 2nd is put out of order. On April 6th the USA enters the war and declares war on Germany. On November 7th the Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin overthrow the Russian Government. On December 17th the Russians agree to peace with the Central powers and exit the war.


President Woodrow Wilson issues his “14 points for peace” and end to the war, But on March 21st Germany launches a spring attack hoping to defeat the allies before receiving reinforcements. The second battle of Marne Begins on July 15th and the allies win on August 6th. Germany agrees to armistice and the fighting comes to an end at 11AM of the 11th day of the 11th month. Now in 1919 Germany signs the peace treaty and WW1 comes to end.

The Impact

The impact that it made was obviously big. It made WW2, the atomic bomb making, The Great Depression etc. It had such an impact some people still talk about it today. It cost over 200 billion dollars in repair money! Over 10 million people were killed. That was more than any other war. Now about the sides.

About the Sides

To start with the side with the most impact on the war, Germany. They obviously were one of the hardest sides to take down but, The British managed to take them down. Next the USA. They came in late but they helped defeat Germany. That was awesome. Still one more big team. The British. They had come in early was one of the last teams to leave. Taking out Germany and Russia. That’s all the news and I’ll be back next time.