Welcome to Arbonne

Hi... I'm Michelle Bazinet, your Executive Regional Vice President with Arbonne. I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to the Arbonne family! Congratulations on your decision to become a part of Arbonne. You have decided to become an entrepreneur, launch your very own business, and build a life by design. I bet you're wondering "what's next?" and we are here to answer that.

Click HERE to Watch Quick Start Getting Started video--a Must

Download and Print this DOCUMENT before watching video


If you have 15 minutes you can start your business!

Getting Started Training


INVITE... send 30 messages

If you can copy and paste, you can get your business started! Send a message or text 30 people in your contacts or Facebook friends with the following verbiage( making sure you fill in the correct names) .

"Hi----! How are you? I'm reaching out because I've just started my own business with Arbonne!!! It's a vegan heath and wellness Company, I've used the products and love them, and have decided to build a business! I'm a little nervous but excited too! The reason I'm texting is because as part of my training I need to find 10 people who are willing to hear a 20 min overview of Arbonne! I get that it might not be a fit for you personally, but I just need a set of ears haha! Absolutely no obligation! Would you be willing to be one of my 10? If so I'd love to meet for a cup of coffee (or if long distance: I’d love to set up a video chat) and I'll send you some samples as a thank you!"

If they say yes:

"Thank you SO much!!! My business partner, Ashley will probably be with me because I'm in training! Would tomorrow at 2 or Tuesday at 10 work best for you? (Suggest times that work for you)

Your sponsor/upline manager will be doing the meetings for you! Just send the texts and make the appointments..super simple. You'll be able to hear the information over and over and that's a great way to be trained while building your business!

  • Download this DOCUMENT and watch this TRAINING to learn about how the 30 in 30 Jump Start Program can work for you.

PRESENT... book and hold 4 Product Presentations* in your first 2 weeks

Your sponsor/manager will help you with your first 4 presentations. They will be helping you so you can earn while you learn.

*2 can be personal and 2 can be hosted

Do some role-playing with your upline so you feel more comfortable with the verbiage. In addition to your first 2 product presentations, we recommend having at least 4 friends hosting for you in their homes with 4-6 people. Some of the presentations will come from your first "Is Arbonne for You?" appointments and others will come from you asking a friend.

Example: Text or call

The reason for my message is I've just started a business with Arbonne. I get to share amazing, vegan skin care and healthy living products. This is my training month and I need to practice my Arbonne Experience presentation and I am hoping that you can help me out by getting a few friends that I can practice my presentation and pamper.

If you were able to get a couple of friends together, not more than 4-6 I can give everyone a complimentary session with our Genius Ultrasound device.

Show some Before and Afters

You will all see results that night. If you went to a medi-spa you would pay several hundred dollars for an ultra-sound treatment with a machine that delivers 3,000 units of ultrasound. Our handheld device delivers 6,000 units. It is such a high-tech tool it can only be used with botanical based products. I will be able to offer everyone the treatment session with the ultra sound device and a fabulous facial. A great discount on anything they want to purchase and get you some free stuff. How does that sound would you be able to help me? I have next Tuesday at 7 pm open, would that work for you?

Download Things to Avoid document

DUPLICATE...sponsor business partners

Your goal in your first two weeks is to find two business partners that you will duplicate the same getting started process with.

Most prospects will take 3 to 5 exposures to Arbonne before they will be ready to become a Business Builder. Others will become a consultant but will be more interested in getting the best discount and want to refer people to Arbonne. We need both kind of consultants in our business.


  • Download: 4 Point Ask Handout and Prospecting Flowchart .
  • An absolute must... watch this: Funnel Training.
  • Place your start order so you have your business tools. How much are you willing to invest in your future? Don't break the bank, but spend enough to be uncomfortable so you will have to work to pay yourself back. You are going to need products for presentations, for Tell and Drops, as well as business aids. This is your business so be professional and prepared. Download: Getting Started Packs. (coming soon)
  • Purchase Go Pro by Eric Worre (approximately $7). This can be ordered as a book or purchased from Amazon and downloaded to the Audible app.
  • Put all training calls and Zooms in your calendar recommended by your upline.
  • Schedule a time to do a goal setting--strategy call with sponsor and upline.
  • Use this form to Track Your Daily Activity



Arbonne is a recipe, not a menu. If you want success, you must have all the ingredients and follow the recipe.

Watch "Breaking Down the Business" with ENVP Dana Collins


Plug into your team trainings and webinars


Get on your Arbonne team Facebook page... your sponsor will add you to this page

Creation Nation Facebook Page

Connect to our team website



Listen to this training

Cecilia Stoll shares what it takes to be a success in Arbonne, and she should know....she's the top income earner in the company. Click HERE to listen.


Here are some helpful phone apps to assist you

  1. SoundCloud (check out the Donna Johnson "Go for the Gold" trainings)
  2. Voxer - A walkie-talkie app that we utilize for training and quick questions/answers.
  3. Arbonne Calculator - will make calculating orders a breeze
  4. Audible - is great for listening to audio books, personal growth, business development, etc
  5. Red Stamp -is a great app for creating fun flyers/invites in just a few minutes.
  6. Download PhotoFy to help you create great Before and After pictures


Share this opportunity like the GIFT that is is!

You have been given the great opportunity to change not only your own life, but the lives of many, many others. This may not fully register yet, as you are brand new, but the more people you help get what they want, the more quickly you pay this amazing gift forward, the more quickly your own "why" will be fulfilled. This is an awesome training on this very topic. Click HERE to listen.


Listen to Lean in Lean Out Training with ENVP Mo Boeger

Here are the best videos / calls to send to your Dream Team prospects. You can match videos to prospects age and life circumstances.

Why Not You? A great video with 6 young VP's sharing their success stories - 9 minutes

30 Days to Fit with Dr. Tanda Cook- Send to prospects who are into wellness and fitness

Discover Arbonne with ENVP Amy Sky- A closer look at Arbonne-18 minute video

Discover Arbonne with ENVP Iain Prichard- Great to send to male prospects- video

Discover Arbonne with ENVP Alex Trimble- Great for Millennials-15 minute video

Discover Arbonne with ENVP Wendy Cunningham- Great for young moms and for people to listen to while driving or getting ready

Additional Discover Arbonne Videos- Categorized by profession

Adventures in Arbonne Lifestyle Videos - Short 5 minutes stories of Arbonne Vice Presidents by occupation

Here is the link for our Before and After Pictures to send to your prospects

Before and After Pictures- Genius Tool

Before and After Pictures- Healthy Living

Before and After - Video for younger people -30 seconds

How to follow up with someone after they watch these videos... Wendy Cunningham

Click HERE for essential forms, documents and more that you need to begin your Arbonne career.