What's Happening in Technology

October Update from Ali

Hi Q300 Families,

The year is off to a great start! We've established solid routines and rituals in my class and have begun our work to become responsible digital citizens. We just received 31 new MacBook Airs for the technology lab. Since every Mac comes equipped with a variety of apps (such as Pages, Keynote, GarageBand, iMovie, and more) we'll learn how to use these tools to spark creativity and productivity throughout the year. I am attending a professional development at Apple in November to learn even more about how to use Apple products for teaching and learning.

Students in grades K&1 are becoming more skilled at using laptops. While practicing things like using a mouse or trackpad, opening and closing applications, and learning how to troubleshoot — they began their computer science journey by logging into their Code.org accounts and completing activities that teach students computational thinking, problem solving, programming concepts and digital citizenship. We will be doing "unplugged" or non-computer activities throughout the year as well. Teaching students how to have a healthy balance in their digital lives is super important to me. They will go beyond screen time to explore the impact their digital lives can have on their well-being and relationships.

Students in grades 2-4 are learning about Internet safety while blogging. Each week we read through and discuss a blog post that I create based on that weeks focus from the Student Blogging Challenge. So far we've created avatars and discussed the importance of keeping private information (such as their photo) private. Students learned how to write quality blog comments by including a greeting and closing, making sure their comment is relevant and perhaps including a question or connection. Finally, students learned about copyright and how work that is on the Internet is protected by copyright unless otherwise stated. We will continue to learn about their rights to their own copyrighted work, how they can use copyrighted work without permission through public domain and fair use and piracy and plagiarism. This is an important concept for students to understand and I encourage them to take responsibility for positively shaping the creative online culture of which they are a part.

I hope this gives you some insight to the learning that is taking place in our classroom. Looking forward to seeing you on November 12th for Parent Teacher Conferences.