Brandon's maters peices

Ceramics 1

Fish cup

When thinking about an idea for a creative cup I came up with a fish because i love fishing and the outdoors.
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Man getting abused

this arkwork looks very sad with a man that doesnt have any clothes on. It seems like this guy is very strong and works a lot for a person. ending up like a slave. this arkwork has a lot of lines, texture, and balance. It empisizes the body by makeing the light hit it which it stands out.
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Devil Vase

This vase uses a lot of texture, line, and some shapes. its has balance, unity, and movement. The dark colos really makes this peice interesting.
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Honey Jar

This is a honey jar that I have made. I used texture and I emphasized more on the body of the jar. I created this piece because I thought it was the right idea for this project that we called a coil piece. I had may struggles which include right length in the coil and to close it up at the top to fit the top piece. If I could change something that I did wrong it would be the lid of the lid if the jar where it fits the jar beside being to short.