Academic Newsletter

He is Risen!

I hope you all were able to enjoy the Easter holiday and vacation with your families. We are so blessed to be able to celebrate His resurrection as a faith community.

Also, a very special thank you to Mrs. Amy Powers and the students who helped her to create the very special Lenten CD: Lenten Prayers and Reflections. I was able to share some extras with my family in NY who absolutely loved it.

Green With Envy

We've seen a lot of neat things done with our green screen technology thus far this year. With the help of Ms. Nash, Mr. Susinko's 4th grade social studies class has begun showcasing their knowledge of history using modern technologies.

The video below demonstrates how much enjoyment can come from using new methods of assessing student knowledge. I would be willing to bet that these students will remember this topic for years to come because of their level of engaged learning.

Way-to-go 4th grade!
St. Timothy 4th Grade Explores Early Colonies

Country Reports

The 5th graders in Mrs. Hunter's class have completed their country reports, and as you can see by the photos, they really did a terrific job!

Be sure to read some of the facts and statistics listed if you are able: there is still leprosy in Kenya?! Wild stuff, 5th grade.

Scantron Round 3

The 3rd and final round of this year's Scantron testing is almost upon us. May 8th - 26th is when students in grades 3-7 will be tested once again.

Just In Time

With the sacrificial months of March and April behind us, we are able to look forward to the good things that lay ahead. Jesus' resurrection brings new life and gives many of us the necessary reminder that the things of this earth pale in comparison to what the Kingdom of Heaven has to offer. Once Christmas passes, we may find ourselves in a rut of complacency, but like God's graces, Easter always finds a way to come just in time.