Zillionresumes Review

Zillionresumes Review world's Best Recruiting Resource

Zillionresumes Review world's Best Recruiting Resource

ZillionResumes' partner network and proprietary technology scours the world for candidates. Our candidate database has both active and passive candidates. Job boards only have resumes of active candidates - less than 29% of the candidate pool. With Zillionresumes Review, you access an entire world of candidates - not just a little part.

Zillionresumes Review gives you the tools you need to recruit high quality candidates.

Resume Database Details

Our database is updated every day. We add thousands of new candidate resumes from over 120,000 sources:

  • Resumes from our network of resume sources
  • Individual Recruiters
  • Candidates who post their resumes with us
  • Our network of job boards
  • Professional society sites
  • Resume databases
  • Corporate sites
  • Personal web pages
  • College sites
  • Search engines
  • Blogs
  • News groups
  • Tens of thousands of other sources

Easy Search Capability

Our database is infinitely keyword searchable. You can throw a wide net for initial prospects, and then drill down to find the exact candidates you need.

What's in our resume databases?

Our database has candidates from all occupations, from all over North America. We also have resumes from Europe and the Far East. Click the link above to see some general statistics.

General Information

We do not share resumes with paid subscription job boards like Monster, Dice or CareerBuilder. Our candidates are the 71% of candidates you won't find on the major pay job boards.

With Zillionresumes Review you get instant results, all in one convenient place. Reach high-quality passive candidates who aren't getting recruiter calls every day. Subscribe today!