Road to Persverance

Elizabeth Galindo

Definition of Perseverance

Never give in although are going through rough times

Description of Eleanor's life

Eleanor was like a mother to the country when Franklin D. Roosevelt was president.She made so many good things for the country.But her biggest triumph impacted the country greatly. She had made so much for the country that they decided to let her work on something huge .She helped draft the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.That helped a lot because the citizens got the rights of speech, freedom of religion. And other important rights like human needs , health care and education.The assembly was of forty-eight to zero.What she did is ventured for what she believed was right. What she believed was right was to give U.S citizens their rights to do what they want and what they need.

Winston Churchill's Problems and How He Solved Them

Winston Churchill's problem was losing World War. In that time he was Prime Minister.He was asking countries to be his allies. And asking for help to get more ammunition because they where poorly armed.Also to encourage the boys who would soon be in the military.He gave speeches in different schools.Churchill persevered because he did not let his adversities push him down. He over came his problems like one of the greatest would do. He asked teenagers who would soon be in war to not be afraid to never yield to his enemy.To never give p

Kayla Montgomery's Steps to Triumph

At first Kayla started to feel a singly sensation in her legs's.Then after they visited Kayla's doctors they discovered she had Multiple Sclerosis. It is a disease in which the immune system eats away the protective covering of the nerve.During competitions once she started running her temperature rises she starts to not feel her legs.Once She looses sensation of her legs she does not know how fast she is going.Her coach had to scream at her to run faster. After the race, because she could not feel her legs she collapses into her coach's arms.But her last race she suddenly fell at the begging of the race!Because she mustered through her pain she got first place in the 3200 meter race.

Background information of Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor was born into a rich family.Her mother, father,and brother died when she was a little kid.Married her 5th cousin .Her husband died of polio. That was hard but she still kept going for her country.

Background Information of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was an African American baseball player.He wanted to play in a major league baseball team. But in his time period baseball was segregated. He tried out for the Dodgers team. He played on a white team.

Comparing adversities of Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt

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Cause and Effect of Jackie Robinsons Life

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Orphan Train Rider Background Info

Orphan Train Rider is where orphan kids used to ride. They ride the train to different towns and people could adopt the for free.They were different ages.Not many kids where chosen.
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Lessons Learned From Perseverance

A lesson learned from Eleanor Roosevelt is she had to overcome her husbands death.But she did overcame the death.She was positive she was going to resolve the problem. Jackie Robinson also showed to venture for what he wanted which was to play baseball in major league baseball.Teammates of Jackie Robinson that he was an idle person because he proved everyone wrong.