Pueblo Revolt


What Happened

The Pueblo people rebelled against the Spanish conquerors to regain their land freedom and beliefs as native people of America. To regain their land one of the rebellion leader Popé coordinated the pueblo people to create a unified confederation and fight the spaniards as a collective group.

What did it Signify

The Revolt signified the want of Independence and to enforce that the pueblo people were not to be owned by the Spanish and wanted to thrive as an independent people.

What did it Achieve

The pueblo people fought hard but did not achieve their primary goal. The pueblo people could not drive out the spaniards from their land but, they did manage to preserve their own ways in a different situation and save their culture.

Was this Americas first Revolution

This could not be considered as Americas first revolution. The pueblo revolt though it did happen in America did not contain the ideas of the American people we think of today. The pueblo people did not have the same ideals as the Americans who later revolt in the American Revolution.