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Why Use Google Classroom?

There are so many reasons why you should use Google Classroom! Here's just a few:

  1. It's Free!!!
  2. There is no extra username or password for you or your students to remember.
  3. You can control when the students post, comment, or respond to a discussion.
  4. The Conversation can continue OUTSIDE of class.
  5. The Discussion can be graded.
  6. Google Classroom is SUPER EASY to use!

Getting Started

Use this handy-dandy Cheat Sheet to help you set up your Classes!

Recent Updates to Google Classroom

August 2018 Google released a major update/facelift to Classroom. If you're a previous user things will look fairly different. Don't worry - we got your back on this!

Major Updates to Include:

1. New Tabs! - We currently see Stream, Students, and About. In this update we will see Stream, Classwork, and People.

Stream = Announcements and posts/comments from students, plus notifications if something has been added to Classwork.

Classwork = Where teachers go to teach! Now divided by topics, teachers can create assignments, add questions, create topics and reuse posts.

People = Where you go to manage all the "peeps" in your class, including students and co-teachers.

2. No More About Tab! It's gone from it's usual spot and is now located to the bottom right corner of the header. It's function has also changed so you'll need to adjust how you use it in the future.

3. Classwork section is now focusing more on topics. Topics are big and bold in this section, so it's best to really try to implement them for organizational purposes. Bonus - you can now reorder this page by topic just by clicking the three dots!

4. Done & Not Done are ONLY visible on the Assignment Page (boo, hiss...). You will have to click on the assignment to see how many are done or not.

5. New Class Settings Page where you can edit your Class name and description, time, section and all of those other pertinent details. This is also where you find the class code, set posting restrictions for students and choose how you want to show deleted items.

That's the basic rundown of what's coming. For a full blog post complete with screen shots, check out Kasey Bell's ShakeupLearning post here.
Big picture
Big picture

Apps that Play Nicely with Classroom

There are a multitude of apps that integrate nicely with Classroom to streamline workflow and increase engagement. Check out a few of our favorites in the embedded link below.

Extensions to Make Your Life Easier

Alice Keeler's Classroom Split

Allows for viewing assignment page side by side with students work. Easily lets them view assignment directions while working.

Alice Keeler's Gradebook Split

Amazingly Awesome Pinterest Board

Click to view Kasey Bell's (Shake Up Learning) Google Classroom Pinterest Board


35 MORE Ways to Use Google Classroom

Google Classroom Resources from Shake Up Learning

Now, it's your turn!

Complete these small steps for an hour of INVEST Credit.

  • Create a Google Classroom
  • Add your students.
  • Set up an assignment
  • Once your students have completed an assignment within Google Classroom, add your DLS to your class so that I can give you CREDIT.

That's IT!!!

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