MHS Science Update

Term 1 Week 10, 2013

A Week in Science from the Royal Institute of Australia

Dinosaurs and kids TV - a short video to show the top scientific discoveries of the week. Great to use to engage our future scientists.
A Week in Science with RiAus - 29 March 2013

Teaching and learning resources

Genes in weeds help them to become resistant to herbicides - an article that can be used to kick start learning in genetics and biotechnology. Great for any year group, especially Year 11 and 12 Biology

Bacteria can soon be used as micro batteries - an article on the latest research in nano technology and electronics. Great for any year group to learn the latest in cutting edge science.

Professional learning

TeachMeet Funky

When: Tuesday April 2 from 3pm

Where: Merrylands East Public School

Why go: Want to see what a TeachMeet is like? Why not just drive a little down road to MEPS to see why TeachMeet is one of the best professional learning opportunities. See real teachers from primary, high school, and schools from all sectors share their successes in the classroom.