My True Colors

Spencer Straka 1st


I need to follow rules and respect authority Loyal, Dependable, Prepared I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in life Thorough, Sensible, Punctual I need to be useful and belong Faithful, Stable, Organized I value home, family, and tradition Caring, Concerned, Concrete I am a natural preserver, a parent, a helper


Expects punctuality, order, loyalty Assumes “right” way to do things Seldom questions tradition Rules oriented Detailed/thorough approach - threatened by change Prolonged time to initiate any change Expects people to “play” their roles

symptoms of a bad day

Complaining and self-pity Anxiety and worry Depression and fatigue Psychosomatic problems Malicious judgments about yourself or others Herd mentality exhibited in blind following of leaders Authoritarianism and phobic reactions


i need to follow rules,when i lead i expect order, and i respect authority are most like me. Complaining,Depression, and handling details are not most like me. I believe being a doctor would suit very good for my color.My color might affect my work is i have a bad attitude, if im showing up for work late, i have a bad work tendency, and when im there its not like im there