Technology Rules For Parents

By: Parneet Dhaliwal

Don't go on the phone while driving

Because you could get a big injury, accident, involve the police, etc.

Don't go on random websites

Because it could be dangerous, could have bullies on it, and/or mean people could create it.
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Don't create accounts on websites you don't know of

Because your credit card, master card, visa, etc. could get stolen.

Don't Text and Drive

Because it could cause an accident, injury, etc.
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Don't enter personal information on the internet

Because bad things happen from that like bullying, cyber bullying, Making websites from your name, robbery, etc.
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Don't post photos of yourself on the internet

Because it could cause bullying, creating bad websites with your photo and/or name, etc.

Everything is saved on the computer

Because it has something in it which makes you think you deleted it but you didn't and it is permanently saved on your device

Don't talk to strangers online

Because they could be robbers, bullies, etc.
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Don't trust anyone if they ask you to give your password to them

Because if you get into a big fight and then they know your password to facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. they could wreck your life

Don't go on selling sites if there are not fimiliar

They could steal/rob you if you enter your credit card, visa, debit, etc.
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Delete Cyber Bullying

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