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Wednesday, April 18, 2016

The Wilds Press $2.00

Newspaper Project Advanced By Conor Meredith and Alexa Mosley

Dear Conor: Jake Lindell: Deliria or slight attraction?

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Delirium by Lauren Oliver coming out 2016!!

Lena Haloway (Kristen Stewart), is an ordinary girl who lives in a modernized society. Within that society, the dreaded disease Deliria haunts the minds of young teens. When they become 18, they may receive the cure, but what happens if they find love before the cure? Join us in the movie event of the year to find which will win: the head or the heart. In theaters April 20, 2016! Come and see it with all your friends; everyone else is.
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Feature Article: Is Love Really a Disease?

As a child I always saw love as a fatal and pandemic disease. We were raised to believe that the small amount of heartbreak in love overrules the heartwarming feeling it has to offer, but we never stopped to question the being that brainwashed us into pure hatred of this emotion. Love is about making mistakes and learning from them, but if you never have the chance to make those mistakes, then how are you to determine whether not love is really as horrific as our society portrays? Unlike other people these days, I have had the chance to experience the many things love has to offer. I do not regret a thing, because if you truly love someone, there is no heartbreak. There is no pain. Even as I am gripped tight and dragged away from the one I love by a large group of regulators, forced to see the fear in his eyes as he screams my name,"Olivia! Olivia! Olivia!".


Help wanted: A new year. New students. New Evaluations. We are in need of new members of the Evaluator family, and we want you! On Saturday, March 21st, we will be bringing in anyone who is interested in becoming an Evaluator, and asking them a few questions. If you are interested in this offer please come to 115 Leona Avenue this Monday and sign up. Thank you!!
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Remembering Alex Sheathes

Alex Sheathes was an outstanding young man. Good grades, healthy lifestyle, priorities, and a wonderful life. If anyone deserved such a fate, it was not him. At the age 17, Alex was shot by a regulator. Everyone is going to miss him for sure. He meant so much to everyone and impacted the lives around him. He was never selfish and never rude. Always polite and kind to everyone. None of us deserved him, but that doesn't mean he had to be taken away. He will not be forgotten and shall stay forever in our hearts.