Chevrat Nashim -Mishloach Manot

Meshuga for Chocolate

Mishloach Manot packages and Delivery

Chevrat Nashim is holding a fundraiser. On Purim day we will send a beautiful chocolate filled Mishloach Manot package in your name to the people you select from our list.

Take the hassle out of Purim! Chevrat Nashim also provides a delivery service for your own Mishloach Manot. Bring us your own packaged Mishloach Manot and cards and we will deliver them on Purim day. Details will follow. Share our fundraiser with friends by sending the following link


1-50 people -$3.50 per name

51or more- -$2.75 per name

Whole list- $180

Deadline for ordering is: March 3, 2016

Use promo code ####

For more information

Questions or concerns please contact:

Elisha Huff (310) 882-0397 or

Mindy Sapir (781) 806-0989

Payment can be made through webmanos via Paypal on our website or send check to address below:

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