Destination Imagination



I read the story and thought how hard it is to make the parakeet stay in the tree. We should start off with the parakeet in the tree and Rohan comes out of the background looking for the parakeet and assumes it is in the tree. We can also change the story by saying the parakeet wasn't even in the tree. It could be our plot twist!

Fill out these questions....

1. What is the common name, genus and species of the organism that uses camouflage?

2.Describe your Hipster and list the elements from your research that are shown in the Hipster’s appearance.

3.Explain how the Hipster uses Camouflage Method(s) and how you created it.

4.What is your Cam-O and how did you create it?

5.Explain how the Cam-O uses Camouflage Method(s).

6.Briefly explain your story and how the Plot Twist is caused by the Hipster’s use of its natural Camouflage Method(s).

When does the Plot Twist occur in your story and how will the Appraisers recognize it?

7.What is Team Element #1?Describe it and give a summary.

Musical Instruments...

8.What is Team Element #2?Describe it and give a summary.

9.Reflect on how your team understood all the issues or points of the Challenge.

10. Reflect on how your team Used your imagination to explore new ideas about possible solutions to the Challenge

11.Reflect on how your team took risks and went beyond the minimum as you commit to a solution. Working in a

collaborative way. Listening to all team ideas before judging them.

12.Reflect on how your team assessed the solution as it is being created and after it is finished.

13.Reflect on how your team reflected on the experience, thinking about what was learned, celebrating the team’s journey

and accomplishments.

1. Hipster

Use the following below and research about the camouflage methods animals use.We will discuss about this next meeting.Write your data down on the tab below with your name on it.


We might be able to make a snow themed animal.

I looked for data and saw that there are many animals that live in a snowy habitat.


  • Uroplatus Lizards camouflage by blending in with their natural surroundings like tree bark.
  • Leaf Mimic Katydids have a body like a leaf and they blend with other leaves on trees.
  • Dead Leaf Butterfly wings looks like dead leaves so they camouflage around dead patches of leaves.


  • The female PIum-headed Parakeet has a gray head and The male Plum-headed Parakeet has a red or plum-colored head.So I think that we should do a female Plum-headed Parakeet with a green body and the head a grayish-brownish color and we can add brown leaves to make that part(where the head will be) look like dead leaves.
  • Or we can do the Regent Parakeet.We can do a green one instead of yellow and instead of doing brown leaves(up above) we can do ALL green leaves,so that the parakeet can camouflage into the tree.




Ranger- Sharvi



Vincent- Kishan


<Comes out from backstage, looks around>

"Parakeet! Parakeet! Where are you?"

< Trainer claps his hands, trying to make the parakeet come … Bird does not come back>

“Hmm, I wonder where my bird is Maybe it's in the tree!. I think I may have to call the ranger to help me find my bird.”

<Trainer picks up the phone and dials the ranger>

“Hello sir, this is Frank, it seems to be that my bird is stuck on a tree. I need your help to find my bird. I am in the middle of the forest by the cottage. Are you available to help me?”


”Sure, I can be there in 5 minutes. I’ll leave right away”

<Ranger arrives at the scene and finds Frank>

<Vincent- Comes from backstage and plays the air trumpet>


The Ranger Is Coming!

<Vincent goes off stage>

“Hello there, you must be Frank! How can I help?”


”Yes, I am Frank, thank you for coming. My bird might be on this tree but I cannot see it.”


<Walks over to the tree and looks upwards through the branches, looking for the bird>

“Where is that little bird?

<After a few minutes of looking, she looks dumbfounded>

“Sir I cannot find your bird. I am very sorry but I have to leave now”


“It’s alright, I have an idea. I think I will be able to find my bird using music. Thank you and goodbye”

<Trainer calls his musician friend, Anne>

“Hello Anne, I need your help. I am in the forest by the cottage and cannot find my bird. It may respond to music. Would you please bring your harmonica and play something to see if this works if you have some time.”


“Glad to help. I was on my way to the forest anyway so will be there shortly”

Oh no!My phone's dead!

<Ranger Comes from back stage; Then she dances across the stage>


"Anne is coming!"

<Ranger goes backstage>

<Anne Arrives>

“Hello Frank. What would you like me to play?”


“Anything classical and soothing”


“Here it goes …”

<Anne plays a soothing tune for a few minutes … the bird still does not appear>

“I don’t think this is working Frank. Maybe we should try using a recorder?”


“Why not? However, I don’t know anyone who plays a recorder…”


“But I do! My friend Conner plays an awesome recorder. He was going to meet me here anyway so let me give him a call. May I use your cell-phone?


“Here’s the phone, please give him a call and hope it’s not too much of a bother”

<Frank gives the phone to Anne …. Anne places the call”


“Hi Conner, I am already at the forest by the cottage. You don’t happen to have your recorder with you do you? ….. Great! I have a friend who needs some help ….see you in 5”

<Vincent- Comes from backstage and plays the air trumpet>


"Conner is Coming!"

<Vincent goes off stage>


<Conner come out from behind the cottage>

“Hi Anne, I’m here. Assuming this is Frank! Hello Frank, Anne has told me about your predicament and I will gladly help. What would you like me to play?”


“Nice to meet you. Anything classical and soothing will work”


<Conner plays a soothing tune for a few minutes … the bird still does not appear. He plays for a few minutes more but still no bird>


“Doesn’t look like it is working either Frank. So Sorry. The only other musician I know is Vincent, who is an excellent violinist. Shall we give him a try? I might need to borrow a phone..


“I am willing to try anything. That bird is not yet trained to be out in the wild just yet and I can’t bear the thought of leaving the poor thing out there” Oh and here's the phone.


"Sorry Sir, but I can't get any signal on your phone."


"Hmm. I know there should be a phone somewhere around here. I'll look in the cottage. You just keep looking for the parakeet."

<Frank and Anne look around.>


"Um, sir. I think I might have found a the trees!

<Anne holds up the phone she has found.>


<Calls Vincent to explain the situation while Frank and Conner engage in small talk>

“ Hello, Vincent. I have a friend who needs help on saving a little parakeet using music. Can you give it a try on your violin?...Thanks!"

"Vincent will be here in two minutes”

<Ranger Comes from back stage; Then she dances across the stage>


"Vincent is coming!"

<Ranger goes backstage>


<Arrives already up to speed on the situation and immediately starts playing the Violin, but plays a wrong note.


"Why did you play the wrong note? Now it's never going to come down.>

<The Ranger walks across the stage eating some sunflower seeds.>


"All this music is making me hungry,.and I think someone else too!

<The parakeet jumps on her!>


“There you are little one! I think we need a lot more training. Vincent, Anne, Conner, and especially the Ranger,I can’t thank you enough for your help today. You saved this little one from the wild. Thank you again.”


  • Leaf Mimic Katydids camouflage because they have natural coloration and shape of a leaf
  • The Walking Stick blends in with its environment by having the color of a stick ,or branch ,and it is shaped and has edges like a stick or branch
  1. I was researching about parakeets and I found out it is a term that means small to medium sized parrots


We need to start thinking of the Cam-O ahead of time so just research and add what you got to the tab below with your name on it.


  • If you look at Roshan's box below,he has mentioned the use of foam for the parakeet.I agree in that idea because cutting foam is really hard.I have tried cutting simple shapes from foam using a sharp knife and it didn't work.
  • Rohan has a good idea for the Cam-O,so look at his box too..
  • We could also take something green and stick it on to the tree.For example,a green fruit or a green crayon would work.



I think that the Cam-O(Camouflaged Object) should be a(n) piece of paper.We can cut in half,paint one side the same color as the color on the tree,and then tape that side so that the paint is on the outside of the tree.

Or we can do a brown paper napkins that are the color of the tree.We can crystal clear and tape it on to the tree.



  • I don't agree with either options and will tell you why at the next team meeting.Sorry I put it here but there was nowhere else to put it.I will bring a drawing and paper of the stuff needed for this parakeet at next meeting.
  • Can we use a small knife to carve it?This is because today Harshini told me that foam was pretty hard, so a small knife would be used for the foam to not fall apart when cut,and to add more detail to the parakeet.
  • Why don't we vote to see which option we should use as a group.
  • Harshini, should we feel how hard the foam is before deciding if it is really hard
  • For the Camo-O we could use a napkin that is the color of the environment and tape it with invisible tape.Invisible tape is not really invisible but is pretty clear.


Kishan,you should start prewriting or making a draft of the story,so we can finish ahead of time and have more weeks to practice...

Kishan is the main story writer.Sharvi and Roshan are revisers and help Kishan. Roshan can also help Kishan with the main part of the Story because they can meet more often.


Kishan,please type up your story and put the shareable link on this tab. Remember to delete this text. We can all read and revise it. Also print it out and bring it to our meeting today.

Creating Time...

At this point, we should start thinking about how to make the parakeet.This is what we will probably do....Read below and vote to what you think we should do..


If you have noticed,I took away the google forms and options,because many of you said you don't like the options.We will still make the tree out of foam,though.If you have any good ideas for the parakeet,Write your idea on a dot that is not occupied...


  • Harshini- Paper Mache or Play-Doh
  • Sharvi- Clay (we could use the green clay I have) or something hard and easy to sculpt
  • Rohan-
  • Kishan-
  • Roshan-

PARakeet ideas

Look at the website linked below to get some ideas for the parakeet.


I got a really creative idea for the parakeet.

We could take around 2 Rice Krispies and a parakeet mold from online and make the parakeet. Then, we can color the Rice Krispies in a green. Then carefully,poke a hole through the parakeet. Let the parakeet set in the freezer overnight. Then attach a very sturdy string in the hole.

We can put the parakeet on tree #1 and one point of the string on tree #2. Then attach it correctly. Roshan can go behind tree #2 and lightly pull on the string for the parakeet to come back and let the string go a little to make it lightly fly.


  • The Parakeet ????

We have not decided yet...

  • The Tree
We should use a Christmas Tree...

Choice Elements

We decided that the two choice Elements are:

1.Playing The Same Tune on Different Instruments