The Green River Killer

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The green river killer was responsible for 48-90 murders along the green river in Washington state in the 80's and 90's. Most of the victims were either runaways or prostitures within the ages of 15 & 38. The victims would be picked up and taken back to a hotel room or to the house. The killer would either rape them or they would just willingly have sex with him. After that he would strangle them from behind and dump their bodies either nude or in clusters.

People involved.

Some of the people involved were

His defense at tourneys: Tony savage & Mark Pronthuro.

The lead investigator: Jeffery Braid.


The police really had one suspect form the beginning. They always kept a close eye on him because of the way he treated prostitutes. He hated them and always acted aggressive towards them. They brought him in for questioning and to take a lie detector test but he denied it and passed the test do they let him go. Police finally got a warrant to search his house and they found "body samples" that looked like remains of the dead women but there wasn't enough evidence so they let him go again. Finally in 2001 when DNA forensic experts got involved in the case they found evidence linking Gary Ridgway to the crimes.
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Forensic Evidence.

There was a match found between the semen samples taken from the victims and Ridgway.


On Nov 30, 2001, Ridgway was intercepted by the investigators on his way home from work and was arrested on four counts of aggravated murder. On Dec 5, 2001, King County prosecuting attorney charged Ridgway with four counts of murder. He later confessed to killing 48+ women. He was sentenced to 48 consecutive life terms with no possibility of parole.
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During the interviews Ridgway said he loved killing them for pleasure. He enjoyed dumping their bodies and as he drove down those roads he would remember them and feel pleasured. He also said that women would come up to him to ask him if he was The Green Water killer and he would deny it. But when he was strangling them he would tell them he was the killer and he would also tell them that was going to kill them. And they obviously couldn't tell anyone because they would die.