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  • Kirsty Williams announces in her speech at the Liberal Democrat Conference that it is her intention to double the PDG for all 3-4 year olds.
  • A revised version of the Qualified for Life will be published by Welsh Government in November this year. Full details of the revisions will be delivered at the National Education Conference click to book
  • Welsh Government reveals plans to develop a ‘Welsh Academy of Leadership’ in partnership with regional consortia, local authorities, universities and other sector leaders.
  • Schools will receive just 15 days notice from Estyn of inspection, which will now take 4 days rather than 5 days to complete. Full details below.

Visual Literacy and its importance in the learning process

We think in images, we make sense of the world around us by interpreting the images we see, we are bombarded with images through digital media, but how often do we teach children to interpret and create visual images?

There is a wealth of research on the power of visual imagery. The most relevant research for teachers has to be Dual Coding by Allan Paivio. This research states that when we learn new information, we can code that information either as an image or as a word. Both, or either of these codes can be used to retrieve or remember the information. So by presenting new information as both image and word doubles the chances of it being remembered by pupils. If you could double the chances of your pupils remembering what they had learnt, you'd use it, wouldn't you?

Wammes, Meade and Fernandez also tested what they called the 'Drawing Effect'. The research tested whether drawing was more effective than writing as a memory aid. They tested this seven different ways, and found no matter how the test was varied that drawing was always more effective than writing to help pupils remember new concepts. What was fascinating about the research was that the quality of the art was immaterial, as was the time the pupils were given to create it. In fact, any type of drawing, good, bad, speedy or slow was beneficial to memory.

In light of this we have created a ground breaking workshop to help teachers harness the power of visuals and drawing in the form of sketch-noting, often referred to as visual note taking. The workshop covers how to use drawing in the classroom across the curriculum to aid and improve learning for all pupils in both their Literacy and Numerical Reasoning skills. We also look at how this can be supported and enhanced through the use of digital technology.

To book your place on our Sketch-noting for the Classroom Workshop on November 30th at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea, and on December 5th in North Ayrshire Professional Learning Academy click the link

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