Navy Surplus and Utilities

Missing items or want memorabilia? Come on in!

What do we do?

We sell item ranging from missing ribbons to possibly an old WWII combat patch. Anything you can think of Navy we could possibly have it.

Navy Surplus and Utilities

Mon - Fri: 0800 to 1700

Sat: 0800 to 2000

Sun: Closed

About us.

We are a single owned business owned by me. I have a few employees whom I have asked to work for me. We all have agreed on the shop being fully dedicated to helping enlisted currently or veterans of past wars. we have Discounts for people in the Military or who were in the military. Every time someone buys something we give them a flyer to pass out to there friend. Or we simply ask them if they will tell their friends about us.


Start up cost we are guessing will be around $10000. that includes renting out the space, and buying the supply from what I don't have. I am the single proprietary owner but I am playing my employees $10 an hour. we expect to earn around $1000 or more a week in revenue. We also expect to spend about $1000 a month on shipping supplies to the store.