My Life As a Newsie

The Average Day

I am a newsie of 1899. Every day I buy news papers and sell them to the public. I have some techniques for selling papers. I know how to fake cry, fake being sick, and sometimes i get away with scamming people by telling them a fake headline and them selling them a paper. I wasn't the only one who did theses things. These are all things newsies did to sell there papers. Every day i see all types of people, i see poor people, rich people, weak people, strong people, crippled people, and healthy people. Sometimes i like to go to special events to sell the paper because there is a lot of people gathered there and its easy to sell them. I am an orphan and this is how i make a living so i really don't have that nice of clothes. All's i really need is something to keep me warm in the winter, then i'm satisfied. All day long i try to sell papers, unless its a good day. If i sell all my papers in one day that means i will have a little extra money to buy myself a smoke. Sometimes i wish i had parents and i went to school but this is my life and it makes me a better person. it teaches me to work harder. I am a newsie and this is my life.