Abigail Adams


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Early Life

Abigail Adams was born on November 11, 1744 in Weymouth Massachusetts . She had one brother, William, and two sisters, Marty and Elizabeth. Abigail's father taught her how to read and write. She loved to read, and spent many hours in her fathers library reading. When Abigail grew older, she asked her mother if she could go to school, but her mother said no. her mother thought house work was more important.

Growing Up

As a teenager, Abigail was always visiting family members in Boston. One day when she visited Boston a man named john Adams asked her to marry him. Abigail Smith and John Adams got married October 25, 1764 and had their first child Abigail in 1765. The couple later had four more children, and had a family of their own.

Later Life

Abigail Smith Adams was famous for being John Adams wife and for being John Quincy Adams mother. John Adams is known as the 2nd president of the United States and John Quincy Adams is known as the 6th president of the United States. Abigail also is the 1st U.S. woman to meet Queen Elizabeth. Abigail Adams died October 25, 1818 of stroke.