The Heart of Hale'iwa

September 1, 2023 Volume IV, Issue I

In this issue ...

  • Save the Date! Ho`olaule`a at 9:00 am Friday, October 6, 2023
  • Ho`olaule`a Permission Form
  • Meet Our New Counselor - Mrs. Nicole Yonamine
  • Kindergarten: Aviation Museum Field Trip
  • Fourth Grade: Bike Ed Hawaii
  • We Love Maui
  • Sunshine Project - Appreciation for Maui's First Responders
  • Teacher Summer Learning at ISTE Conference
  • All About `Ulu - A Learning Experience
  • First Grade `Ulu Lesson
  • Literacy Corner: Hawaii Reads Summer Reading Challenge Winners
  • Friendly Reminder about Contraband Items
  • Mahalo Amber and Family
  • Staff Welcomes back students wearing handmade Lei Po`o
  • Upcoming Activities and Important Dates for September
  • Interested in Chaperoning?
  • Aloha Kakou Newsletter: A Big Cheer for the New School Year!
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Hale`iwa is very excited to share that on Friday, October 6 at 9:00am on our Big Field, we will be having our first Ho`olaule`a. For those of you who have been a part of the Hale`iwa school community for many years, you may remember that prior to COVID, Hale`iwa held an “Aloha Festival” (like a May Day program, but in October) every other year. This school year, we are celebrating with a Ho`olaule`a. Instead of having a royal court like we did with the Aloha Festival, each grade level will perform a hula that will honor one of our Hawaiian Islands. All of our students are invited to participate, from our pre-schoolers in EOEL to our 6th graders.
If you haven't already done so, kindly complete this electronic permission form for your child as soon as possible. Mahalo!
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Meet Our New School Counselor - Mrs. Nicole Yonamine

Mrs. Nicole's favorite color is blue. She loves spending time with her dog, Daisy. Mrs. Nicole also enjoys working out, going to the beach, eating, and traveling. One of her favorite places to travel is Japan because she loves eating all the delicious food!
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Kindergarten: Aviation Museum Field Trip

The kindergartners were the first students to go on a field trip this school year! They went to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum located on historic Ford Island. The students learned about the importance of Pearl Harbor and how it affected our islands. The staff at the museum said our kindergartners "were so well-behaved and ADORABLE!"

Fourth Grade: Bike Ed Hawaii

The 4th Graders had a great week with Bike Ed Hawaii. They learned how to properly check their bikes before riding and how to use important hand signals while riding out in the community. The students said the most important rule while riding a bike is to pay attention to your surroundings and use hand signals when necessary. The Bike Ed Instructors took the 4th Graders to ride around Kaiaka Park and said the students communicated with each other so well. We are so proud of all the 4th-grade bike riders!

  • "My favorite part about Bike Ed was that it was my first time riding a bike". - Caitlin M.
  • "My favorite part about Bike Ed was riding the bikes around the park." - Victoria T.
  • "My favorite part about Bike Ed was going to Kaiaka Park, and now I know how to ride my bike really safely." - Michael Kainalu N-L

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Hale`iwa ❤️ Maui

Thank you to everyone in our Hale`iwa School Community who donated to our Hale`iwa ❤️ Maui fundraising campaign. Our goal was $1000.00 by collecting $5.00 from each family and staff member. As of today, we have collected $3000.00 – TRIPLE of what our original goal was. This could not have been possible without the generosity of so many of you. Not only did we collect three times what we had hoped for, but we also had a 90% participation rate among families and staff. It is so wonderful to see what we are able to accomplish when we come together for a common cause. As mentioned, a donation from the Hale`iwa School Community will be made to the Hawaii Public Schools Foundation, which will ensure that 100% of donations will go directly to helping with the recovery efforts for our Maui public schools. We hope that our small contribution can bring some relief to our friends and families on Maui.

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Sunshine Project - Appreciation for Maui's First Responders

Hale'iwa Elementary is proud to contribute to the AED Institute's Sunshine Project to send thank you / appreciation / well wishes cards to Maui's first responders to provide them encouragement during this difficult time. Hale'iwa students provided 163 individual and class cards representing over 200 student well wishes.
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Teacher Summer Learning in Philadelphia

Mrs. Villalpando, Mr. Pai, Mrs. Yamakawa, Mr. Haiola, and Mrs. Lee had the opportunity to attend the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Philadelphia during the summer. ISTE is a worldwide organization dedicated to transforming learning with technology. The teachers engaged in hands-on learning, shared best practices, and heard from some of the brightest minds in the world of education and beyond.
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All About `Ulu

Ms. Yonekura, Ms. Mori, Mrs. Angelica, and Mrs. Lee are taking a professional development course called "All About `Ulu". ‘Ulu not only means breadfruit, but it also means “to grow”

They are "growing" a lot from this training ... in their teaching practices and also emotionally. They will be sharing their new knowledge with their students throughout the year.

Click below to watch the videos.

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Literacy Corner: Summer Reading Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to our Summer Reading Challenge winners:

  • Gr. 4 - Justina A.: our overall top reader (739 minutes)

  • Gr. 5 - Charles D.: our upper grade top reader (698 minutes)

  • Gr. 2 - Murphy D.: our lower-grade top reader (287 minutes)

  • Gr. 3 - Trinity C.: our upper-grade random drawing winner

  • Gr. 3 - Ryzen V.: our upper-grade random drawing winner

  • Gr. 3 - Chloe W.: our upper-grade random drawing winner

  • Gr. 2 - Thor G.: our lower-grade random drawing winner

  • Gr. 2 - Reef O.: our lower-grade random drawing winner

  • Gr. 1 - Mayzen V.: our lower-grade random drawing winner

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Our Quarter 1 Reading Challenge:

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Friendly reminders about contraband items:

This is a friendly reminder that cell phones are NOT allowed in school. If your child brings a cell phone to school please remind them to keep it in their bags and out of sight. Students are NOT allowed to use their cell phones during the school day. If they need to call a parent, they should ask their teacher or a school adult to use a school phone. Another contraband item is valuable jewelry. Students should not wear jewelry (gold chains, Hawaiian bracelets, etc) that is of high monetary or sentimental value. Cell phones and valuable jewelry cannot be “protected” by the school from loss or theft so it is best to keep these items at home.

A Big Mahalo

Mahalo to Amber Foster and her family for donating 32 pairs of slippers for our students! We appreciate your generosity!
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Staff Welcome Back Students Wearing Beautiful Handmade Lei Po`o

The faculty and staff wore beautiful lei po`o that they made to welcome the students on the first day of school. Mahalo to Kumu Kuuipo and Mrs. Joanna Meza for teaching everyone how to make them.
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