Instructional Technology @ JAV

Ann Witherspoon

Infuse Learning Activity Room #40683

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Musical Writing Activity


  1. Get into groups of 4, each with an iPad.
  2. Open the Notes app in your iPad.
  3. Each select a core content area...Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies
  4. When the music begins, develop a writing prompt about the story we just read related to the content area of your choosing.
  5. When the music stops, pass your iPad to the right.
  6. Complete the prompt you just received.
  7. Continue until you have touched all iPads...(1 prompt; 3 responses.


  1. Pair up with another group.
  2. Share responses.
  3. Select one "best response" for each content area.
  4. Take a screen shot.
  5. Add to our class padlet.