Child labor

child labor hours

The Hous minors can work

Minors under the age of 16 may work no more than

4 hours on a school day,8 hours on a non-school day , 40 hours during a non-school week

Minors under the age of 16 may Not work before 6 a.m. Not work after 9 p.m.

Minors age 14 and 15

Minors 14 and 15 years of age can work

  • 3 hours on a school day
  • 8 hours on a non-school day
  • 18 hours in a school week
  • 40 hours in a non-school week

Minors 14 and 15 years of age may

  • Not work before 7:00 a.m.
  • Not work after 7:00 p.m. (extended to 9:00 p.m. June 1 through Labor Day)
  • Not work during normal school hours

where kids can work


Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

prohibits minors under age 18 years old to work in any occupation that it deems to be hazardous. Among these occupations are excavation, manufacturing explosives, mining, and operating many types of power-driven equipment. Certain industries allow minors under age 18 to perform certain tasks at worksites whose primary work activity is dangerous, but these tasks are very specific and the state and federal government closely monitor compliance.

Child labor laws vary from state to state. Regulations provide very specific information on these occupations and other safety standards for minor employees. Please consult your state department of labor for this information