Stephanie Johnson

Make America the America we neeed

Have you ever thought that violence and pollution was starting to get crazy!! Well Stephanie Johnson will change that. she will make special laws to prevent violence and make cleaner air by making factory's more effective,and use more effective ways to produce energy.

Make the change so we have the America we need.

How to make the America the America we need.

For once we'll do something about pollution more people are passing away as we speak so let's vote for Stephanie Johnson. Taxes are going up more people are living on the street so let's make that change so we can have enough money to feed our families and have more jobs let's make that change together. Finally the last topic violence within the U.S. Guns are being bought their is more graves so let's stop building graves and let's start living vote for Stephanie Johnson make America the America we need.

democrats vs. Republican.

Hillary vs.trump. so they had the presidential debate in town hall plus the national debate. trump is winning so far. so i wanted to put the pic of the democrat and Republicans chart and so who knows who is winning. well i know trump is winning which i don't like not one bit. but still a congrats to the Republican party.
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