Hawks Locks For Kids (Local)

A.J Hawk

What A.J Hawk Has Done To Help The Community

A.J Hawks Locks For Kids help people who don't have hair to give them a wig.

People who hate being bald want hair and A.J Hawks Locks For Kids make them happy because they like not being bald. http://hawkslocksforkids.org

Impact On The Community

It helped people who don't have hair when they are in cancer to give them wigs. It helped kids who need wigs. It helped kids who want hair. http://hawkslocksforkids.org http://evi.com

Background Information On A.J Hawk

A.J Hawk has has cut his hair to give to people who have cancer. A.J Hawk is 29 years old. He was born on January 6, 1984. He is 1.85 meters tall. Also A.J Hawk is on the Green Bay Packers football team!! A.J Hawk is a lineback on the Packers. A.J Hawk has done an Auto comershel. A.J Hawk works out for the Packers alot to be perfect. http://hawkslocksforkids.org http://evi.com
AJ Hawk Off-Season Power Training

What can I Do?

I can help by picking up garbage that is on the ground. It helps because some birds eat plastic/garbage on the ground have heard a video about a bird eating plastic. Also it helps because people don't like to litter and they hate it when they see litter on the ground.If you throw a balloon out the window it floats up and when a bird pops it it has a balloon thing around their mouth. Also it is bad for animals. I don't like it when people litter!