By: Corbyn Everrette Alexander

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When It Was Discovered

    March 31, 2005

Makemake is a dwarf planet and perhaps the largest Kuiper belt object in the classical population, with a diameter that is about 2/3 the size of Pluto. Makemake has one known satellite, S/2015 1.

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Almost in the Oort Cloud which is the edge of our solar system. Or any solar system.

Old name

It's old name is Easter Bunny


The planet MakeMake is perfectly sphere.

How many moons

MakeMake has no atmosphere (that means it has no moons)

How to say it

It is pronounced Ma-ke-Ma-ke.

Some people say

Some people say that Makemake has a moon but it does not. Look at this picture it's Eris.
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It takes 310 Earth years for Makemake to complete one orbit around our Sun.
Originally designated 2005 FY9, Makemake (pronounced Ma-ke-ma-ke) is named after a god of fertility in Rapanui mythology. The Rapanui are the native people of Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean about 3,600 km off the coast of Chile. He was the chief god of the Tangata manu bird-man cult and was worshiped in the form of sea birds, which were his incarnation. His material symbol was a man with a birds head.
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Along with fellow dwarf planets Pluto and Haumea, Makemake is located in the Kuiper Belt, a region outside the orbit of Neptune. Astronomers believe it is slightly smaller than Pluto. It takes 310 Earth years for this dwarf planet to make one orbit around our Sun.

Like Pluto, Makemake appears red in the visible spectrum, and significantly redder than the surface of Eris. The near-infrared spectrum is marked by the presence of the broad mathane (CH) absorbation bands. Methane is observed also on Pluto and Eris, but its spectral signature is much weaker.

It takes 310 day to orbit the sun because it the fourth farthest dwarf planet from the sun. Also scientists do not know the length of a day on Makemake.

Plutoid or not

Most plutoids have moons but Makemake is the only plutoid that does not have any moons.
If Makemake has a moon its name is MK2.